Management Projects Highlights

1. Fabric trader needed a management overhaul

A family business led by the eldest brother recognised the necessity of external expertise to help re-engineer their management to cope with the increasingly competitive environment. Our principal consultant advised to re-frame the organisation structure, introduced defined goals, transparent policies and budgetary control systems, and made the management team as well as senior managers accountable for results which in turn were linked to their monetary incentives. The company’s turnover has tripled in 3 years and within 5 years the rejuvenated board of directors has brought this family business to become the most respectful leading fabric trader in Hong Kong.

2. IPO planning for a toy OEM business

A toy company with sound profit records aimed to list on the HKSE within 3 years time span. SF Consulting was engaged to revamp all their systems, process and presence, tailoring it to become a readily listed company. Apart from the implementation of MBO system, upgrading of financial management and executive development training, we were also tasked to create image and market positioning for effective PR with investors and underwriters. The company was finally listed on the HKSE within 3 years after the engagement of SF Consulting.

3. Transition of management to 2nd generation

Despite a 40+ years experience in growing the business as a leading manufacturer of garment accessories, the founder had found it ineffective in nourishing his children to become the company’s new leaders. The 2nd generation on the other hand also encountered great difficulties in meeting their father’s requirements especially due to the wide communication gap. Our principal consultant was engaged to play a “CEO” role as advisor/facilitator for different levels of management, chairman of functional committees, and trainer/mentor of 2nd and 3rd tier managers. Such virtual CEO role (on 3-year term) has not only ensured a healthy and sustained profit growth of the business, but also provided an on-the-job coaching of the 2nd generation transitioning them to become the new leaders who are now competent and independent to run the business.

4. An advisory and networking service

A 40 years old international chamber of commerce needed a new strategy to accelerate its membership growth and new marketing initiatives to help raise its profile as the independent voice of businesses in the Asia Pacific.

Our principal consultant was seconded to working closely with the chamber’s board of directors at diverse locations. With the implementation of a rigorous membership recruitment and retention program, alongside an enhanced value proposition of members’ benefits, membership number has increased 20% in 6 months. The brand repositioning plan now boasts an identity that is recognized by governments, business leaders and international organizations, offering a new source of financial subsidies and sponsorship.

5. An engineering company to strengthen project management

A construction engineering firm needed for a 5-star hotel renovation project a management system to track raw material ordering, fabricating, transportation, on-site installation, production scheduling and billing. Contract negotiation, foreign labour recruitment and cost control are critical to the project’s profitability.

Our principal consultant supported the legal and accounting aspects in negotiation with the main contractor and engineering consultants from the US. He also developed an integrated tracking system to monitor production flow and billing/cash flow throughout the 9 months construction period.