Why SF Consulting?


Size Doesn’t Matter

Most consultancies focus their services on medium to large corporations. They have limited availability for small projects, and when they do, they are expensive. SF Consulting’s expertise is to serve SMEs. We value your business even if you are only just starting out. Our focus is on helping you achieve your dreams and goals, and our values and approach reflect that.

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Relationship-Oriented – We’re Your Business Friends

We place ourselves in your shoes and think outside in. Our belief is that only when we have established a trusty relationship with you, we then deserve the business you are entrusting us with. We believe in long-term relationships, and this is a critical element to fulfill your business vision.

We Understand You

Being an entrepreneur team, our principal consultants Mr Thomson Lai and Mr Henry Luk understand SME operators’ needs and challenges intimately. We understand no two clients are the same. Competition, customer expectations, core values, management competencies, cultures, and strategic positioning all make each company unique. Therefore, SF Consulting believes in developing unique solutions to each client.

Global Knowledge Local Practice

To create client results, the right solution should be selected and executed. At SF Consulting, we constantly explore and apply new management practices and methodologies. Localization of knowledge and practices is highly significant to our success. With SF Consulting’s experience and expertise in adapting management concepts and methodologies to the local context, our clients can achieve the desired results at a faster rate with minimal risk of mishaps.