Principal Consultant Profiles

Thomson Lai

Thomson is a financial and business professional with over 40 years experience in the areas of financial and tax planning, manufacturing and leadership management. He has proven records in identifying and implementing successful cost-saving initiatives; in enhancing tax efficiency within a cross border manufacturing environment; in transforming pre-venture capital injection structure; in mentoring key successors; in promoting medium-sized companies to obtain an Initial Public Offer on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong; and in executing customized business training programs.

Thomson is visionary with the ability to shape results and goals through the development of financial analysis and modeling tools. His personality and performance is well received by clients and associates.


  • Tax planning and IRD negotiation
  • Organization behavior management and corporate re-structuring
  • Financial planning for business acquisition and disposal, pre-IPO structuring, and managing a listed company
  • Financial system upgrading, working capital sourcing and treasury management
  • Project management, including sourcing and assessing of partners, buyers and professional advisors in legal and investment finance