Services of SF Consulting

Business Consulting

As a business owner you are most likely very, very good at what you do. However, many SME owners find that they are not very good to manage a larger or wider business size after years of growth. At SF Consulting we come alongside you and help inject much needed expertise into your business structure by implementing well proven management profitability and organizational solutions.

Is your business requiring more and more of your time to maintain, much less to grow? Is it becoming your life, rather than your livelihood? Or, are you experiencing declining profits, markets, efficiencies, all of which you have grappled with alone? Have the results of your improvement initiatives proven disappointing in spite of all your efforts? Have you lost your business focus? Are you uncomfortably deep into your bank line of credit, or is your bank lending facility currently becoming overly burdensome? Even your business is still promising, are you unable to find successors? Or is it more serious, has your business declined to the turnaround stage?


We can help you:

  • create vision and solid goals
  • build different management tiers and key succeeding persons
  • enhance brand value
  • generate revenue from new sources, identify and seize new opportunities
  • transform your company into an innovative market leader ahead of the competition
  • cut operational costs
  • reduce business risks


  • tax planning (in particular cross border transactions)
  • financial upgrading, working capital sourcing and treasury
  • commercial deals, legal aspect advisory and agreement drafting
  • pre-IPO or capital sourcing structuring and M&A project planning



Business Training

In our consulting practice, we always deal with seasoned companies who want to maximize their employees’ talents and skills or even do a complete overhaul of their business ideology. We have trained employees at all levels. We offer some of the best practical business training programs available from our principal consultants who have worked in a wide range of industries and know the challenges and roadblocks to helping a company move ahead.

Some of our popular training topics include:

  • cross cultural understanding and applications
  • management principles and practices
  • leadership building
  • brain power skills
  • presentation skills
  • time management and productivity enhancement
  • customer relationship management
  • business etiquette
  • sales techniques and management
  • financial management
  • and many other topics…


Hong Kong Immigration Services

SF Consulting has a wide network with professionals in different sectors, such as local and international banks (retail, corporate, private), insurance companies and brokers, solicitors etc. We principally provide one-stop-shop immigration services to successful entrepreneurs in Mainland China to apply for the residentship under the HKSAR’s “Capital Investment Entrant Scheme” (hereinafter referred to as the “Scheme”). Our scope of services includes:

  • provide professional consultation and services for the application under the Scheme;
  • discuss with the applicant on investment categories and channels;
  • introduce the business environment in Hong Kong, establish corporations as well as tax planning; and
  • assist the applicant in the extension of stay in Hong Kong.